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Graduates Holding Diplomas

Having served as a higher education administrator for over a decade, Dr. Dumas knows firsthand the challenges that students encounter while working to attain their college degree. As an enrollment manager and member of the Board of Trustees at two HBCUs, he is keenly aware that chief among those challenges is student’s ability to identify the necessary resources to fulfill their financial obligations as the cost of attending college continues to rise. 


As a father, it was important for him to instill the same value and importance of educational attainment that his parents instilled in him into his daughters early in their lives. As a result, they share his passion and commitment to ensuring that others have access to a quality educational experience regardless of their circumstances. 


Together, they determined the most impactful way to help others is to support causes and initiatives that are important to them. After much prayer, the “The B3 Foundation” was created to facilitate those efforts. As a family, they are committing their resources to assist students who attend or plan on attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities by providing scholarships to deserving students who may need additional resources to continue their educational pursuit.

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